Monday, November 5, 2012

The Closing Bell

The marking period overall was a new experience. this is the first art class that i chose to take myself and it has been pleasantly challenging. I know now that you can't expect perfection from art and that your ideas may change entirely through the course of the process. When I look around at my class and see sophomores, juniors, and seniors with much more experience and talent, I don't go green with envy. I want to learn how to do it rather than covet their skills. I can be my own artist and I realize that it takes time and patience to achieve this goal.  I hope that in the marking periods to come, I will be able to look back on this and see my flaws so I can alter my style to what makes me happiest. Hello second marking period!

Presidents n' Things

This is a picture of my collage for the next president collage project. I did mine on abortion, which is a pressing issue that has grown into a widely debated topic. I didn't want to use a straightforward message nor did I want to use any grotesque or saddening pictures of unborn fetuses or anything like that, so I used a live rose on one side to symbolize the choice of life. On the other side, i was GOING to put a picture of a hand holding the wilted petals as they fell, but my printer had a slight malfunction so it didn't work out. Instead I was inspired to use the background scraps of the rose that was on the left to make it feel like the rose wilted straight out of the piece. I added faded words in the background, keeping the ones pertaining to life on the left and the ones pertaining to abortion on the right. I added ropes on one side and the other to show the struggle between the two sides that comes with being Pro-Choice.

These Boots Were Made for Walkin'

Shoes: they aren't just for walking or for wearing. They can be turned into other things too. You can use them for dancing and hiking and yes, drawing. This project we did was a drawing of a collaboration of shoes in a kind of diorama. Everyone contributed one pair of shoes (or more) towards the collection and we drew from there. I really thought it would be easy; I'd drawn shoes a million times before. The hard part, though, was making them large and to scale. The shading was troublesome as well because I quickly developed a habit of trying to make it all perfect. Perfectionism is a deadly sin in art because some of the best art comes from your mistakes. I'm sorry I didn't include a picture of this one, but my camera just started working this morning and by then it was taken down and whisked away. I promise I'll have more later!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My Blog in a Nutshell

Ah, blogging. The common denominator between screaming fangirls and writing freaks on sites like tumblr and, yes, blogger. It's usually where you express your views and post funny pictures of cats, but this one is probably going to be different. I've never created an art blog before and I'm actually excited about it. I love putting myself and my work out there for everyone to see. While some people strive for total digital domination, I want only to record my progress and maybe at the end of the year look back and say, "Wow. I really did that?" I also have a strange affinity for drawing people and scenes, and I want to get better at that too. So, I guess that's it for the first post. Ciao for now!