Sunday, June 9, 2013

Here's to a Great Year!

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This year has been... amazing, to say the least. I learned so much about art that I didn't know before. Techniques, art styles, artists new and old... you name it, we basically covered it. I have to say, was skeptical at first about how much fun I would actually have in this class. Because I was more accustomed to sketching and doing cartoonish, manga-esque doodles then actual art with paints and watercolors and clay, I thought I wasn't going to be any good. It turned out, though, that everything I learned helped me in some way. I love how free we could be with our choices in style and how we create our pieces to reflect ourselves. I remember the day of the midterm: some people had brought in newspaper clippings, some photos, some even brought their own paint kits or utilized exacto knives t get the effect they wanted. It didn't matter what you use, just how you felt it looked when it was done. Me? Well, all I brought were some graphite drawing pencils, but with those little things I made my favorite piece of the year. That piece and my short story piece were by far my best in my opinion and I'm so, so happy with them and all the other pieces I've done. In a year, I went from being an insecure artist who doodled cartoon characters in her spare time not knowing what to expect to a girl who's pretty well learned in lots of different styles of art, which is a fact I'm thoroughly proud of. I'm so happy having one great year of art education under my belt!