Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Candy Crush!

Ah, colored pencils. The very pretty but very permenant impliments of drawing. Rivaled only by the pen and marker, the colored pencil is quite menacing in that once you put it down on paper, it is likely that you won't be ale to get it off. This was my challenge when we began the beginning sketches of jars full of colorful candy. Now, I made a pretty impeccible sketch if I do say so myself. I was thoroughly proud of it. When it came time to being coloring, though, I was lost. After some fiddling with different combinations on wax paper it became much easier to visualize what my end result would look like. Attached is a picture of the work in progress. I am especially happy with the lid! I am nearly finished and my newfound knowledge of colored pencil drawings aided my drawing endevors a lot.

Crashing and Burning... or Not?

Last year for sketches we drew shoes. It is safe to say I wasn't particularly happy with the final product, so when I found out that we were doing the same kind of project only with a bike, I was very excited. I wanted to take the chance to redeem myself and make this sketch a really nice one... then I dicovered that planning to draw a bike and actually drawing it were two completely different ball games. It took me three days just to draw the wheel! I quickly became frustrated with the snail's pace I was moving at and tried not to sweat the detail so much, but then I realized that the attention to detail was the thing that made the whole piece come together. I worked until the very last day, milking all the time I could from the time we were given to complete it. My addiction to detail ended up working in my favor. It turned out so much better than last year's sketch and I couldn't be happier with the result. I really and truly thought that my piece would be a miserable failure, but sometimes even the most lost cause just needs a little love. I finally got the hang of shading (though when I say "hang" I really mean using a fingernail to cling for dear life) and I gained a better understanding of value. I didn't have such knowledge before and it will definately help further my art.