Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Queen of Pop

We delved into the world of pop art prints, and it was really fun. Messy, yes, but fun! Last year we did something similar, but not with stamps. I remember back in middle school when we carved stamps. The carving was defiantly my favorite part, aside from the constant fear of stabbing yourself with the carving tool. (When the fire drill bell rang I almost took my nail off... Yeah, I really shouldn't be using sharp objects in excess.) I loved using different color combinations to see what would work, and ultimately making a massive mess. I was afraid my print would be too intricate to pull of, but the necklace I picked to make into a stamp was too pretty to pass up.

The picture attached is the original sketch that became my stamp. I almost enjoyed it more than the stamp itself. I'm very proud of myself for it :)

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