Wednesday, June 11, 2014

My Second Year

My second year of art was certainly my best one yet. We did tons of new things like the bike drawings, tempra batik paintings, and fortune cookie projects! I loved how the art program expanded and how it will continue to expand in the near future. My art has exponentially progressed and I love that some of it could be displayed at the extravaganza.  The totem pole project was the highlight and I was so, so proud of my work and all the work I've done this year.

Second Time Around

I am so proud of my book this year. More happy than my one from last year, that's for sure! I really worked a lot inside of it and this year I actually had a color scheme. I planned it all out from the beginning from the colored paper all the way to the book cover. The one new technique I loved this year was the bubble blowing technique and it gave me tons of great papers to use, like my insode cover paper! I loved the whole new perspective on the book since this is my second year.

Time Capsule!

This year, our art class created cardboard boxes with the intent of filling them to the brim with items from this time, to be opened in 20 years or so. I put a drawing of my ipod with my favorite album this year on the top (Night Visions by Imagine Dragons - I highly recommend it) and on the sides I put books, symbols from anime, and things that make me happy. Inside I put all my cards from my 16th birthday, a lyric art sheet I made, and letters from not only my present self but my friends right now. It was such a fun experience and I look forward to seeing it 20 years from now!